Ride-Glide Winter/Fall

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operate in cool to cold temperatures. This formula keeps flowing and working when most other dry formulas plain stop.   Like our summer formula, Ride-Glide Winter works with your chain and derailleur, staying in a constant state of controlled fluidity. Winter/Fall formula has special anti-corrosion additives blended specifically to work in lower temperatures.This formula will not “flake” off no matter how low the temperature goes. Winter blend resists the nasty fall winter road grime and moisture with its special hydrophobic additives.

Cleans up easily with hot soapy water. Rubber seal safe.

Sold in 2 ounce/60ml plastic bottles with easy dispensing easy open & close “no mess” cap.


  • Chain
  • Derailleur + pulleys
  • Brake cables and pivots
  • Quick release levers
  • Clip-less pedal pivots
  • Chain Ring Stack Bolts