Vira-Gel is an extremely high quality hand sanitizer developed by retired personnel from one of the words leading skin care companies. Vira-Gel is formulated with a blend of ethyl and isopropyl alcohol.

  • We adhere to high quality standard, utilizing only USP grade Ethyl alcohol, which either meets or exceeds TTB standards (TTB is the US governments Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau).

  • Vira-Gel ingredients are proven to kill 99.9% of the harmful germs that make you sick.

  • Our alcohol does not contain any MEK, acetaldehyde, phenol nor any banned ingredients deemed unsafe by the FDA.

  • Our water is double filtered deionized water.

  • We utilize skin softening glycerin to help reduce the effects of repeated application.

  • Our formula is PH balanced to further enhance skin conditioning. 

Looking for a different, specific alcohol content? The makers of both Ride-Glide and Vira-Gel, ARtech Lubricants, blends and packages all our products so we are able to create custom formulas tailored to your needs! Please visit our Vira-Gel website at for more information or call us at (845) 858 8558. We look forward helping you build a formula that suits you.


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