Premium bicycle lubrication formulas designed specifically for the changing seasons and everything that comes with it.   

ARtech’s RIDE-GLIDE brand works continuously, lubricating thoroughly. Our product does not dry and stop working like most other products, nor does it “fling” off. RIDE-GLIDE is in a continuous state of flux, moving in and out of all the critical wear points bringing essential lubrication and unequaled corrosion protection. Our lubricants fittingly protect your bicycle investment and most importantly, enhance your biking experience.


The makers of RIDE-GLIDE are proud to offer a new product, sold exclusively here on our site. Introducing, VIRA-GEL, an extremely high quality hand sanitizer developed by retired personnel from one of the words leading skin care companies. Vira-Gel is formulated with a blend of ethyl and isopropyl alcohol with no less than 69% alcohol active. Available in various dispensers, including 2oz and 8oz bottles as well as 'touchless' stands. Explore these new products by clicking here to be redirected to the product page.